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The name, 6LESS, stands for the 6-Wheeled Lunar Excavator, Soil Surveyor. The first feature I have on my model is a 360-degree movable camera that is able to take pictures, videos and collect sound samples. The rover will also have an antenna to communicate with future Artemis bases. The rover will be equipped with a vacuum and a retractable excavator to collect 4 lbs of samples each. The holder closes and opens to extract and collect regolith samples. The rover will also have an electrolysis water conversion, taking the ice on the moon and turning it into rocket fuel for mega boost and emergency purposes with the rover called HEF, H2o Electrolysis Fuel. The rover will have solar panels covering the top, a regolith resistance using the power from the solar panels, and navigation using the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is mapping the moon.