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Dirt, UnderGround, Collector or (D.U.C) is a machine created to dig and collect dirt on and under the surface of the moon. We’re collecting regolith (moon soil) to study the past of the moon, the earth, and the inner solar system. The D.U.C collects the regolith with robotic arms, one is a jackhammer to break the harder regolith, and the second arm is a bucket with a thumb that swivels to pick up the bigger pieces of regolith and the bucket picks up the softer regolith. Once it picks up the regolith it dumps it into an origami type bucket that can fold out from D.U.C’s back to hold the regolith. D.U.C will move around on the moon utilizing another origami style of movement called “ducklings”. The ducklings will open and close to move D.U.C in any direction.