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The Speed Scooper 3000 is powered on batteries, and is controlled by an Astronaut on earth. It is controlled using a controller, much like one used for a video game.On the controller you can not only turn up the speed (which is in miles per hour) and you can move the Speed scooper 3000 forward, backward, left, and right. The Speed scooper can go from 5-15 miles per hour. The Machine moves using a conveyor belt that is attached to the bottom of the Machine. My Robot, (Speed Scooper 3000) collects the Lunar Regolith using a Scoop that has a Joint so that it can bend, as soon as the scoop collects the dirt, it dumps it in a giant container. As soon as the Speed Scooper 3000 reaches its destination, you can hit the dump button, and it will dump the container.