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My robot is named Ultraviolet. It is mostly powered/protected by UltraViolet electron beams reflected from the sun. It’s wheels are made out of Osmium, which is a very strong metal, to protect the wheels from breaking by the sharpness of the regolith. The rest of its body is made of Hafnium Carbide, which is also very strong, and is resistant to heat and cold. It has night goggles, for when it is very dark, so it will be able to see easily in the dark. It has hydropowered wheels, there is an extendable arm on the left of the robot, that helps break the moon ice, and then puts water in the tank tread, where the wheels can spin, to create force/energy. It uses a scooper to collect the dust, the scooper has UV electron beams reflecting from the sun around it, to make the dust not cling.