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My robot is called Bubble Buddy because of the spherical “bubble” that protects it. Just to make sure you don’t lose sight of him, the bubble is colored to contrast from the gray lunar regolith. The thing inside of the bubble moves just like an RC car, pushing around to move. If there happens to be any trouble with the car, there is an opening hatch to repair anything wrong. The way that Bubble Buddy picks up the lunar regolith is by simply rolling around, with the regolith sticking to it. The bubble has a “bowl” that’s like a bag so Bubble Buddy is portable. On the bag, there are two spray bottles of moon duster to help get the regolith off, straps to secure the bubble, a clip-on brush to remove any excess regolith, and a container to store the regolith in. Bubble Buddy is always happy to help!