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If you want a rover that is reliable, lightweight, efficient, and unique then I present to you, LARP (Lunar Artemis Regolith Project). LARP has an interesting arm specially designed to dig up regolith. This arm allows half the motors required and moves LARP’s wheels as mentioned in my GIF. This allows for less energy wastage and fewer chances for malfunctions. This also allows LARP to be lightweight and have lower material costs. LARP has a thin layer of stainless steel coating around the rover to make sure regolith does not stick to them. With the rover’s big wheels, LARP can overcome bumpy rides and can venture to places easily. LARP “hibernates” in the sun and regains its energy. When LARP travels into the darkness it is equipped with a lightning rod just in case lightning strikes. I am confident that LARP will be our future rover and has great potential!