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RELL (Regolith Excavator Load Lifter), has a scooper, container, solar charger, and drivetrain. RELL’s scooper assembly consists of ten scoopers that rotate around an axis. It is connected to the main body of the robot with two arms that have motors rotating the axis for scooping. The regolith falls onto a conveyor belt that moves the regolith into the container above the drivetrain. RELL utilizes rover wheels for traversing the terrain. It uses solar panels for power out of its charging port. RELL maximizes container space and will transport large quantities of regolith in quick trips as the robot can scoop dirt while it’s moving. RELL will have layers of stainless steel and electrostatically charged repulsion fibers covering gears, motors, and electronics to prevent regolith from sticking to surfaces on the robot. The stainless steel generates an electric field that repels the static electricity in the regolith.