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The SAGTR-1 is an acronym for Small, Autonomous, Geological, Transport, Rover. SAGTR-1 is designed to collect not a lot of lunar soil, but will transport lunar soil fast due to its small size and the weight of its load. SAGTR-1 is 1.45ft in length, 9.8in in height, and 1ft in depth or width. The front 4 wheels are apart from the body and a bit larger to help get over some rocks that it might encounter. The 4 wheels at the back help with stability if the load gets a bit too heavy. It has solar panels at the front sides of the rover and at the front it has sensors to detect obstacles. Its shovel is designed to scoop up the soil, bring it to the ramp which goes down into the container, also the attachment at the end of the shovel can gather soil.