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The Regolith Rover Digger and Collector (R2-DC) robot digs and collects the lunar regolith with a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt has scoops to dig the soil, then it rotates and dumps the soil in the storage container on top of R2-DC. The container has a conveyor belt with a grater and strainer on top so that the regolith will be spread evenly inside the container avoiding pile ups in one area. The storage container is also used as a chassis for R2-DC. The storage container has doors on the bottom to release the regolith at the Artemis moon base. The robot has a camera and GPS attached to make a clear path to the digging site. The conveyor belt can be lifted up so R2-DC can move at a faster pace. The skis attached to R2-DC can glide on the surface while digging without going too deep.