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LERROV’s main body is made out of fiberglass. The smaller body on top of the main body is made out of titanium, so the rover doesn’t float away when it lands. The main camera is able to turn 360 degrees. If it's not able to see something, the second camera underneath is back up. The Special Sensor is a specialized camera that's able to zoom in to far away objects. Towards the back of the rover, the Soil Sorting Compartment (SSC) will have a body beneath, so if the rover faces a ramp, and isn't going on the ramp, but over it, the body will be slanted, but the SSC will stay straight, so that the soil doesn’t spill. LERM has a shovel as well. It also has a small solar panel. LERM’s wheels are made from aluminum and are hollow. The Emitter is what connects LERROV to MIssion Control.