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My Rover’s name is Valorous. All 6 wheels are made of aluminum, rims are made of titanium, legs are made out of aluminum, the body is made out of titanium. Top speed is 6 mph, usual speed should be 1 – 3 mph. If it detects tough terrain, it will change speeds from 0.5 – 2 mph. In manual control, it goes any speed the user wants. The legs will bend into a compartment that will store it. It has sensors/cameras to detect if it’s tilting, or if there is a large thing in its way, if it is starting to tilt any more than 35 degrees, it should try to avoid tilting. Height=5.8 inch neck/head + 6.4 inch legs + 7.0 inch body + 4.8 inch wheels. Length=24 inch legs/wheels + 18 inch body. Width=4.8 inch wheels + 12 inch legs + 7.2 inches body.