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The Lunar Regolith Conveyer (LURC) will be moved by a treadmill system containing retractable, curved ridges. When driving towards the South Pole, the ridges will be lifted and will scoop small amounts of lunar regolith into a container on the back of the rover. The treadmill will propel the regolith into the interior storage of the container while simultaneously separating the ice particles in the regolith for astronaut use. When returning to the Artemis Moon Base, the ridges will retract, meaning that lunar regolith will not be collected. This enables the LURC rover to move regolith from one location to the other. The problems posed by lunar dust will be mitigated by the use of an electron beam on the machinery of the rover. The beam will negatively charge the components so that lunar dust, which is negatively charged, will be repelled from the rover, thus becoming a non-issue.