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Meet Scorpio, an all-terrain Moon rover. Scorpio has a collapsible scoop for collecting regolith and storing it in a swappable container. There is a two-part V-shape blade to gather dust into a narrow row. The gap in a blade allows a protruding scoop to collect regolith. The other side has two prongs for charging when docked. Top and bottom cameras give forward vision whether the scoop is raised up or low down. A boring head with scrapers at the end can be retracted. Scorpio has four independently steerable squishy drive wheels, allowing it to go forward, turn and crab to the side. This has a large footprint and gives good traction to easily roll over rocks and pebbles. The sides of the rover are covered with solar panels to allow the battery to last longer between charges. The rover has three cameras with lights around each of them.