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Nebula has seven motors in total. For the drive, train Nebula has 4 compressible wheels To overcome most obstacles it may run into. To dig and move lunar soil Nebula use’s an auger-type drill mechanism to extract and move lunar soil. After Nebula has drilled through the lunar surface the soil will be moved into a modular/exchangeable storage container for a very efficient solution of collecting lunar soil. Nebula is also equipped with 1 fisheye/180°infrared camera on each side four in total. Therefore Nebula will have a complete view of its surroundings. Nebula has two linear actuators one on each side of the auger to move it. After Nebula has drilled and collected soil the auger will lift and continue to run to move soil up through it and drop out the back into the container that's right behind it. Contacts on the rear will charge it when low.