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Physical Design: - 8in vector wheels for traction, maneuverability, and moving over terrain - Dimensions: 22.3in x 15in x 6.1in, weighing <30lbs - Scoops up regolith with intake consisting of helix spiral that rotates with a fine grain scooper using a passive trapdoor that allows regolith to enter and closes using gravity - Can be recharged using solar panels Operational Design: - Can hold around 20in^3 of regolith - Will carry medium amount of dust per trip Procedure for Dust Mitigation: 1. Passive technologies - Nanocoatings + Dust Brushings 2. Active technologies - Electrostatic dust removal 3. Mechanisms such as the intake would move at a slower pace with more methodical movements 4. Electronics and other similar items would be covered in additional protection as to reduce potential for failure