A trip to Mars. That’s always been a dream that’s been going on ever since Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. It would be a long trip just to go to Mars. It would be a span of almost six to eight months. But what would happen if they stayed too long in space? They would need to see if their body is healthy. What if they are in critical condition and they don’t even know it? That is what J.A.N.S. (Just A Normal System). It would be made out of durable plastic. This device is a computer that can scan a human body and see if something is needed, like a medication of some sort. It turns on with the green button that is all the way at the side of the device. You use the blue touchpad on the side of the computer and set it to what you want it to scan. It uses the rods with the red balls on the top and scans your body. It then appears on the screen which shows your actual body and what you need. This device is useful for very long trips, such as the trip to Mars.

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