Regular scissors are used to cut paper into separate parts. These surgical scissors are used to cut open parts of the body in case of intense medical surgeries. These scissors are better than the rest you can find since they are made of easy to find and safe materials. Instead of using materials to harm the environment, the use of cheaper and materials better for the environment creates less chances for someone or something to be harmed. The curve of the blade works like a scalpel and makes it easier to to surgery. Regular surgical scissors have straight blades, and blades that are sometimes not safe to work with. The shape of the blade allows safer surgery and The blade is composed of steel, and the handle is made using polyethylene as a substitute for non eco-friendly plastic. The polyethylene is safe for the environment and is a lightweight, easy to grip plastic. The scissors are the new easiest way to do surgery without risking the patient, and helping the environment.

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