Elastic wrap bandages are for when you had a pain in your ankle, arm, leg, etc. You wrap it around where it hurts and it will soon sooth the pain. This could easily be 3D printed in space.It could be made from nylon, which could be bendible and durable enough for this job. Elastic wrap bandages are normally sold in Walmart, Rite aid, Walgreens, Shoprite, Acme, Big Lots, etc for just over ten dollars. They can be long and thick, short and thick, long and thin, short and thin etc. They come in different colors, and styles depending on the brand of the elastic wrap bandages . I believe that elastic wrap bandages would be very useful on this three year trip to Mars. They could help the astronauts in space for three years, on this long journey through space to a completely different planet. These elastic wrap bandages will keep the astronauts healthy and okay when in zero gravity.

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