The Medic-In-a-Box is essentially what its name implies. It is a "medic" that can be transported or stored in a box. When this object is 3D printed, it has up to ten large clip-in capsules which can be utilized in storing many medically-related items. It can on its own become a medical tool, as the prisms in the center can be slid out. When the capsules are off, you can attach the chains (also printable) to create a fitting brace or cast for anyone with a minor sprain/injury. This Medic-In-a-Box is also able to travel in any environment since its air-tight seal can withstand a lot. These capsules can also be removed and fitted with printable attachments to create things such as a pillbox, a miniature syringe case, a medicine holder with straps, a paper holder, and a holder for one or more petri dish(es). This should be 3D printed because each individual part is easy to print, it is very versatile in areas such as Mars, and, last of all, it is very practical and easily portable.

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