I created a cast for the Mars Mission Contest. I named it Caster and it is made out of plaster. It is an orange cast with a 3 inch diameter because that is an average diameter of a wrist. It can very easily be used as a cast for an arm or leg. To make the cast smaller or larger in diameter you will need string to tighten or expand the cast. To make the cast softer or more comfortable, just add some cotton or stuffing inside the cast if you feel any discomfort. With all the supplies needed for the trip this device is a useful, easy to use, and helpful way of getting a cast whether it be for you leg or arm. Because of it’s size, the caster can be 3D printed much quicker than it would take to print out a larger cast. The cast can be most commonly used in case of emergencies such as fracturing your arm or leg. To make the cast longer, an easy substitution is to glue some magnets to the top of the cast and connect them. Brace yourself for the awesome powers of the caster!

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