The oximeter would definitely be useful on Mars. This device looks like a very small clip-like object that you would gently place on your finger and it will tighten slightly. The oximeter is a small object that you would put your finger in and it is hooked up to a monitoring machine. Once it is placed on your finger and the machine is started, the oximeter will start to vibrate. This is because it is actually measuring the amount of oxygen is being carried through your body to see if you are healthy. You can use this design to measure your breathing and compare the results to healthy patients’ results and hopefully, you will be healthy. The oximeter is made up of mainly rubber-like material and sturdy plastic. The oximeter has a clip held together by a circular joint so the device is able to loosen and tighten. On the inside, there is smooth rubber padding so you will feel more comfortable during testing. Then of course you would need to hook the wires and machines up to the oximeter.

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