The item I created for the Mars Medical project is a skin hook, which is a medical instrument used for suturing during a surgery. It has one or two thin, curved hooks at the end of it and is often used with a needle holder to reduce damage to the tissue being stitched shut. But they are also used to like maneuvering of skin and soft tissue, corrective surgical procedures on the eyes, suturing facial skin, and stitching the delicate layers of the skin. Depending on how they will be used, they can be changed in thickness, how dull the tip, and double or single prongs. The prongs have three different categories that they are put into, like extra fine, standard, or delicate. I believe that this can most definitely help on the Mars Mission as people are bound to get hurt in the course of three years. No matter how small, getting rid of one extra thing to carry on the spacecraft can be a big help, and having surgical tools for bad injuries is important.

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