Nearly 30% of the medical conditions listed in NASA’s Patient Condition Database require intravenous (IV) fluids. Despite testing of IVGEN technology on the ISS, IV therapy is not currently employed in microgravity. The IV Infusion Assembly creates the pressure apparatus required to gain fluid flow in microgravity, eliminating embolism-causing gas bubbles. It includes a shaft that manipulates medical fluid bags, autoinjectors, and syringes. By employing the spaceflight-standardized blood pressure cuff to slide the median when inflated, the collapsible assembly eliminates unnecessary mass. An automatic pressure infusor may also be used via the median adjuncts. Fluid flow is created as the adjacent IV device is pressured. To increase patient mobility and further enclose the fluid bag, the entire assembly is secured in an ergonomic upper arm restraint capable of being worn under & over flight suits. IV tubing is then affixed to the ventral forearm. The filament used is low-friction POM.

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