My idea for this project was to create something that was simple and can be applied easily. It is to create a medical patch that is like a patch used for bicycle tubes. I wanted to make something that wouldn’t be too complex in case of emergencies. These patches must be used directly on skin. This patch is going to be made from a material that contains gelatin with medicine to help the person. To use this patch the person must lick the patch then place it on the skin to make it stick firmly on to the skin. The actual patch itself is the shape of a circle with a radius of 3 cm, with a total surface area of 28.26 cm2. The thickness of the patch is 1.5 cm. When the person secures on the patch, it should melt on entirely from body heat making sure that nothing leaks out of the wound, or into the wound. This patch will ensure that nothing will infect anything else going forward. Afterwards, the patch should supply a cooling sensation to ease the person from the injury and continue his job.

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