In space they would need a tooth scaler to keep their teeth plaque free and clean. The tooth scaler I designed is small, metal rod, that has a sharp hook on the end that is good for scraping out extra food left in your mouth after a meal or snack. There was already a tooth scaler in the gallery, but the reason mine is better is because mine more easily scraps the food out. My tooth scaler is smaller and can fit into your mouth more easily, scraping the plaque ot more efficiently getting as much out as possible. With a pointier object you have to be more careful, but it gets smaller pieces of food out of small areas.This will be very helpful for the astronauts because they eat lots of dehydrated foods that tend to stick to your teeth.This food is very easy to miss while brushing. If this food stays there for too long without you being aware, you’ll have several cavities, and an awful hard time trying to get those cavities filled on a space shuttle heading to Mars.

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