Body temperature in space and bone breakage is critical, especially on the three year trip to Mars. Because of microgravity, bones thin in space, therefore being vulnerable to breakage or damage. Body temperature uncontrolled, can result in heat exhaustion. Healthline states: “High environmental temperatures can be dangerous to the human body. Heat exhaustion is almost certain.” Bone breakage can prevent a mission from being successful. The Safety Brace is a lightweight, bendable ankle brace. The materials of the brace are: titanium powder, mesh, and copper powder. Copper has thermal conductivity, to keep heat in or keep one cool. Copper is also stiff and will protect one’s ankle from damage. Titanium has a low density, therefore being light weight and also strong for extra support. Lastly mesh is malleable to allow for movement of the ankle. To accommodate the larger or smaller person, one could change the scale on the STL file.

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