My design is a pill organizer. It has the letter of the week on each container. You can put the pills that you take for that day in the pill organizer so you don’t forget what day it is or what pills to take. This can help the astronauts know what day it is so they can keep track of their pills. This also helps with what pills to take and reminds them to take their pills. If they take the wrong pills than they could get really sick or have to take an emergency trip back home. It has different colors for them to see what day it is and if the astronauts don’t remember what day it is or when they last took their pills, they can just open up the other containers and if there is one that has pills in it and the one container before it doesn’t, then they know what day it is and what pills they need to take for that day. Statistics say that pill organizers are viewed as a way to prevent or reduce medication errors. This proves that these astronauts need this pill organizer for their safety.

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