The intention for my design is to create a bracelet made of rubbery, 3-D printable material, which will have slots and holders along the outside to hold medical items. That being said, it is a wrist-wearable first aid kit. The point of this is to be useful in anti-gravity environments, allowing the astronaut to wear all he/she needs to perform first aid on one wrist without having to worry about opening a box full of items that could float away. The bracelet comes with a set of adhesive magnetic stickers that correspond to actual magnets attached to the walls of the insides of each supply holder. This serves as an extra safeguard to keep tools from floating out of their containers. These adhesive magnets are attachable to any tool one wants to store in the bracelet slots. Once adhered, tools can be stuck in their holders with the force of a magnet. This is a reinvention of the classic first-aid kit, adjusted for use in anti-gravity environments and in collaboration with spacesuits.

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