For the mars medical project I have created a bottle. The appearence of the bottle is white, with a whole to drink out of, or insert items. This bottle can be used for medicine, water, minerals, etc. This device's material will be ABS plastic, because the material is flexible and durable for when in space. I think this device would make things on space less difficult, because instead of bringing many bottles, you can just print as many as you need. My device is useful, because it is also used as a container. This bottle is also reusable if necessary. The use of this device can be to hold materials, drink, and used to put minerals in if needed. Also, this bottle cannot be taken apart which may seem difficult, but on the bottle there are two holes. One hole, is for inserting items (small items), and the other is for your drink. You can tell the difference between the holes, because the one that you will put items in will be larger than the one that you drink from

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