The Jointifier is a 3D printed joint that will be used for space and the trip to Mars. The size of the product will depend on the size needed to fit the astronaut. The product will be made of cells from the astronaut who is having the replacement. Bone mainly consists of collagen and also calcium. This product would go under the surgical section because you will need surgery for the replacement. These 3D printed joints will last forever as long as the new joint attaches and grows with the other bones. They may already have fake joints and such but they go bad after about 20 yrs. These new joints will not go bad they will last for a lifetime. This joint will not need to be reprinted as long as it does attach and grow with the bones. The 3D printed joints only have one use for bad joints. There will be a laser scanner that scans the joint without having to cut open and see what size is needed. This scan will give exact measures for the replacement to be fitted perfect for the astronaut.

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