Space is an isolated, far away place. Astronauts are giving up their privileges on Earth to go into space and explore. So, when I thought about this, it occurred to me to create a project that reminds the astronauts of home, but also is a great contribution to medical purposes. Introducing... The Personal Greenhouse! This product not only allows you to grow multiple plants, but it gives the astronauts a chance to garden their own foods in space, and have a taste of life back on earth. This greenhouse will be made of a material that is transparent, as well as durable. An example of this would be HDglass filament, which prints as a translucent material and is incredibly tough. There are also holes going through this filament which allow oxygen to supply for the vegetation. This plant-house is small, allowing for it to fit practically anywhere. So, the Personal Greenhouse will allow astronauts to grow foods and plants, as well as be reminded of their home back on Earth.

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