Studies show during space travel astronauts tend to lose strength and body mass. Astronauts can use the skin caliper device to see the amount of fat that is in their “skinfold” before their trip and see if it is decreasing too rapidly in space. If it is decreasing too much they could take extra precautions to stop it and help maintain a healthy body. The Skin Calipers have a pair of calipers used to measure the thickness of skinfolds. They have measurements towards the end of the calipers to measure the thickness of the skinfold in millimeters. To use, you pinch your skin at any place on your body such as your stomach then put the calipers on each side the pinched skin and measure using the ruler on the end of the calipers. Doing this will keep track of your body mass accurately, it will include a guide which will tell you what a normal body mass is and what you should do about it if it is too low. The skin calipers are lightweight and durable.

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