A nebulizer is something that is used to help open up your lungs by decreasing the congestion in them. The piece is actually an “L” shape. With this, it makes a liquid medicine ( used for asthma) into a mist that you put into the bottom-most part of the mouthpiece. You inhale the mist using a mouthpiece or face mask that you put over your mouth and nose. In this case it is a mouthpiece, that you put into your mouth to receive the medicine. For this piece used in space whenever needed for five minutes, you would have to attach it to the hose used to give the astronauts oxygen. They would have to take off the normal oxygen mask from the hose, put the mouthpiece onto that same hose. The mouthpiece is made out of a firm plastic, and when it is done being printed, the astronauts would just have to place the mouthpiece in their mouth and relax. Therefore, the astronauts can clear their lungs and relax, thanks to the mouthpiece made out firm plastic (also known as ABS).

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