Traveling in space for 3 years in microgravity can cause astronauts to lose strength in their muscles. According to Don Hagan the director of exercise physiology at Johnson Space Center “Exercise is the number one health priority in space. No other activity except eating and sleeping is given that much priority. Two and a half hours each day are devoted to fitness.”( It is important to keep the muscles in their arms strong so they can work more easily. I made a finger spring that will help keep the astronauts’ fingers and forearms strong. It is even small enough to take it anywhere and squeeze it at any time. A finger spring is two pieces of plastic connected at an angle with finger holes on the outside also made out of plastic and a resin spring that will be printed separately from the the two pieces of plastic and the finger holes. The astronauts will squeeze it in their hands for as long as they need to and it will strengthen their forearms.

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