This simple design is meant to combat one of the simplest, and most common injuries: a broken finger. Casts and splints alike help broken bones heal by supporting them and by keeping them as straight as possible; the Finger Splint is no different. The long piece of the splint is meant to prevent an injured finger from bending forward, and the shorter piece from it bending backwards. All the while, 3D printed rubber bands (rubber would be a feasible material; its melting point is 180ºC, where plastic melts at 170ºC), the models to which would be provided, would hold the splint itself in place. If rubber cannot be 3D printed when the mission comes, any two rubber bands, or some medical gauze (which would most likely work better), could act as a substitute, and the models can be printed in plastic and used for storage. A broken finger could be a major issue on a Mars mission, and the Finger Splint is the way to help an aspiring Martian recover, either on the way or on Mars.

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