When construction of any building on Mars takes place there is going to be injuries and fingers are a common body part to injure when working with machines and heavy objects. That is why I thought to design a 3D printable finger splint. Hand and finger injuries were common among the Apollo 15 astronauts and while those astronauts never broke any fingers, it is reasonable to assume that fingers will most likely be broken during any construction on Mars. The model above is designed for a 3 3/4 inch long finger but can be adjusted to fit other finger sizes. The material my design would use would be ABS plastic. The design would also require Velcro straps to connect and run though the loops in order to secure the splint. Any medical fabric is also suggested but not required when using the splint. The cloth would be wrapped around the finger and the splint would then be placed around the finger and secured with the straps.

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