Mars Medical Challenge Allergies are what triggers asthma and that’s what an inhaler is used for. Allergies are mostly on Earth, but some could be in space. For example, when there is a rapid decrease in temperature it becomes difficult to breathe and that's when an inhaler comes in handy. There are many different types of inhalers. It will be made of plastic. This inhaler will be black. To use this inhaler, medicine has to be put in it. To use an inhaler, first shake. Second breathe out. Third put the inhaler between the bottom and top layer of teeth and close mouth around it. Fourth breathe in slowly and once that happens start to press the top of the inhaler. When the top of the inhaler gets pushed the sprayer gets medicne then sprays it out to where your mouth is. When there is a full breath remove the inhaler and hold that breath for ten seconds. Then breath out. This will help to create or have effect on the airway to your lungs.

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