The 'Sole Rough-inator' is a preventative medical device that's purpose is to roughen astronauts' feet while they are in a microgravity atmosphere for a prolonged period. It can help the astronauts prepare their feet for when they have to walk again; which will be painful. I got this idea from a story that astronaut Daniel Tani told at a summer camp I attended. Mr. Tani said that when he came back to Earth after being on the ISS for months, that his feet were so soft like 'baby feet' and he had to use a wheelchair. The 'Sole Rough-inator' is designed to fit into the palm of your hand. It is used by rubbing the nubs around the bottom of the foot to add pressure and feeling into the foot. Also, on one edge there is a piece of "sandpaper" that an astronaut can rub across their foot to toughen up the skin. I made prototypes using various materials and found that tiny bumps tickled too much and big bumps weren't that effective. I hope my device helps astronauts walk easier on Mars.

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