“Flashlife” This flashlight is not just like others, “The Flashlife” is a flashlight that is waterproof and fireproof. It is a great tool to bring on a Mars mission with you. It is good for when you don’t have enough or any light to see something. It can run for 24 hours straight, plus an emergency mode which is not as bright but can last an extra 2 hours. It charges on a charging panel for after it dies. It can charge while you aren't using it, so that when you are ready to use it, it will be ready. The charging panel runs on solar power so when the solar panel runs out of energy, it will recharge. The “flashlife” is waterproof in case you drop it in any liquid, spill something on it, or it gets wet in anyway. It is fireproof for if it overheats, gets too hot, or catches on fire somehow. The flashlight has a handle so you can carry it on your wrist to take with you. A good thing about this device is that you can bring it back home on Earth with you, or wherever you travel.

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