The otoscope is a classic design that is pretty simple. It is made up of 3 main components: a lens, light, and scope. The original otoscope had no lens but did have a scope with a hole so light could shine in. The otoscope is used for checking your ear for any infections so you are pretty used to it because a doctor will use it to look into your ear each time you come in for a check up. My design makes it easy for anyone to check your ear and allows you to shine a light in. When you print the model it comes in two pieces; there is a square at the bottom of the scope that fits at the top of the handle. I suggest that you print it in a shiny material so the light shines in the ear. The scope should fit fine to the handle but you can always add some glue to make it sturdier. Ovelisely I can not print a light so you will need to provide one. This can be used on the way to Mars or on Mars.

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