These goggles address several vision related issues astronauts face on Mars. Activities like construction of the habitat, welding, drilling etc. can be hazardous to human eye. This device protects their eyes from particulates or harming exposures by its sturdy frame. The goggle is equipped with a detachable screen, a detachable camera capable of night vision, thermal detection etc. that can project scenes from surrounding to the screen allowing with works at low light, hard to reach areas or things that are not visible to our eyes. It also has a laser on it that can guide heat sensing robots to complete some tasks. Finally with use of a software package it can act as a text to speech device addressing the need for prescription glasses if their eyesight begins to deteriorate. Frame of this goggle will be made from ABS material for 3D printing in Mars and its needs some external parts such as display unit, camera, laser pointer, and power source.

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