My devices is called the ”Tweezers-scissor combo tool.” The tweezers-scissor combo tool, also known as the TSCT, can be used as tweezers for extraction of foreign objects. It could also be used in addition to a sewing needle to sew up fabric or skin. The scissor tool is used by opening the blades so wide that one blade does almost a 360 degree spin, then the blades can be used to cut paper or fabric. The TSCT is versatile and compact. It can be put together (after printing) in under a minute. It is assembled by pushing the pin thru the axle holes and pushing on the cap on the other side. The Tweezers-scissor combo tool can be applied in many situations, ranging from cutting some gauze, removing a splinter, to applying stitches. The Tweezers-scissor combo tool can help astronauts function to their best performance.

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