My design is an otoscope. Everything in the design would be 3-D printed with ABS except the fiber optics for light, a battery, tape and a proper lens for an otoscope. The lens would 1/16 inch thick and be held by friction inside its frame. The fiber optics would be connected to the battery and attached to the walls of the otoscope with tape. They would shine light out the tip of the otoscope. When the two parts slide inside their respective ends of the otoscope they are held by friction and the otoscope is ready for use. On the side of my design, I have placed a small hole for air to pass through for doctors to insufflate the tympanic membrane. This would require a small pipet to be stuck in the hole. The act of insufflating the tympanic membrane helps doctors to detect if there is excess fluid behind the eardrum. This is difficult to do without an otoscope. When ear pain occurs, it can incapacitate the astronaut placing the whole space mission in jeopardy.

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