You can’t risk being in space or on another planet with an illness. There isn’t a hospital, you won’t be able to get the proper medical attention. So, what useful device could help check if you’re healthy? A centrifuge is a useful solution for checking your blood when an unknown bacteria or disease is discovered and blood cells must be separated from plasma for diagnosing. That’s why I made a 3D printed centrifuge. It’s easy to use and portable. A laboratory centrifuge is large, heavy and uses electricity, and if things go right it won’t even be used, wasting space that could have been used for something important. You can’t take an electrical machine into space because it might take energy from the shuttle, so I made it easy by making it manual. To put the blood samples in just simply place it in the capillary tubes “holsters”. Then hold each side of the string and spin it around then pull the sides away from each other.This design can also be used i your shoulder or forearm is stiff.

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