My dental mirror is simple, vital, and 3D printable. Our astronauts will need to keep their teeth healthy in a long term mission to Mars as we can not let them be distracted by something like a toothache or a cavity. My dental mirror will be able to look at the teeth in the back as well as hard to see places in your mouth to spot any cavities. Then, our astronauts will do whatever they need to fix this problem and can focus on more important things. The mirror will be made of steel to give it a durable construction and will give a good enough reflection of your mouth and if technology advances fast enough, glass to give an even better reflection.The mirror will be made in a simple construction of a small steel cylinder connected to a thin steel circle. It’s compact and easy to put away along with the rest of your tools and can be thoroughly and easily cleaned. According to what I found, astronauts usually just brush their teeth. My mirror will help keep their teeth good as new.

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