26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and tendons. That’s all in your foot. Just imagine how many people rip a ligament, break a bone, pull a muscle, or have joint pain; each year matter of fact. Well, with the new universal foot brace, this will help astronauts exercise their feet from any harm. It’s a universal contraption, for everyone. This brace would be made out of thin plastic, High-density polyethylene, a flexible material that adjusts perfectly. Once you slip your foot into it, the plastic wraps around the shin, ankle, and foot. This material will secure the foot, so as you walk around with it, you’re foot will be exercising along the way. Exercising meaning you're holding back your foot from moving fully, and the brace will make you walk with a little more force.This will help your foot always be intact if you accidentally twist your ankle or pull a muscle. The universal foot brace will always keep your foot moving to stay in shape and also to keep your feet safe.

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