This Astro Dental Kit helps astronauts with dental care on their journey to Mars. While watching Cast Away movie, I realized how painful it could be to remove tooth without proper tools. So, I designed the following: 1. Dental pliers - These stainless steel printed pliers can be used to pull the teeth. Finger holes can fit a small mirror that can be printed with reflective material and a magnifying glass that can be printed with translucent material. The mirror and the magnifying glass can pop in and out of the finger holes. Mirror and magnifying glass will also come in handy for other medical needs like inspecting ears, skin etc., There is also a flashlight hole to fit a small light. 2. Bulb syringe - Bulb syringe can be used to clean the blood oozing due to teeth extraction. Bulb can be printed with rubber and the tube can be printed with plastic. 3. Dental pick - This stainless steel printed floss with a pointed end can be used to clean food scraps stuck between teeth.

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