The mouth guard is important in space because when astronauts’ rockets blast off, the vibrations may hurt their teeth. This mouth guard will be made out of rubber-like material and keep the astronauts’ teeth safe and stable. For example, they may hit their teeth on something hard and then hurt their mouth. This situation requires a mouth, indeed. The mouth guard will protect teeth from injuries. Astronauts need as much protection to survive in space, and this mouth guard is a device to use for gear. The injuries to the mouth without a mouth guard can be serious. For example, the mouth guard can prevent jaw injuries, the risk of brain injuries, and gum injuries. Dental injuries are the most common injuries in the world and maybe in space. The mouth guard is made out of rubber because it needs to be smooth on the gums, teeth, etc. The mouth guard also can help with teeth grinding, meaning if you grind your teeth you won’t hurt them because they are in the mouth guard.

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