My medical design is called the Healthy-Fit. This device is used to keep track of astronauts’ nutrition and protein level. The Healthy-Fit is a bracelet that has a 2 inch wide screen and is black with an adjustable strap. Traveling into space decreases an astronaut’s level of nutrition but the healthy fit alerts the astronaut when this happens. This Healthy Fit has a durable protective case. It also helps monitor astronauts’ heart, and radiation levels. Researchers say that one health risk for astronauts is that their heart rate drops in space. Another feature of the Healthy Fit is the navigation and bluetooth capability. The bluetooth is connected to the oxygen tank and tells when oxygen levels are low. The bracelet will notify you by flashing red, yellow, or green. The bracelet will help with space radiation by also alerting you when you are exposed to a lot of it. I decided to create this device because researchers say that space radiation is the number one problem with traveling.

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