It is needed in outer space because when the rocket goes really fast out into space whiplash can happen. It is for the mission to Mars. It would be better to 3D print it because it is not needed often: make versus take. Someone may need a neck brace because of whiplash when your neck to jerks quickly or halts quickly. Bigger than one 6”x6”x6” cube, it will need to be measured and designed for each person’s neck size and length. It will fit in about two cubes (take two printings) and would have to be made in pieces that need to be assembled after with glue, pins or something to join them. It can be made into two pieces in the end that can be put together with a Velcro strap. Padding is also necessary between the neck and the brace and that thickness needs to be considered in sizes or sizing. My design was modeled after the MiamiJ style of neck brace. The pieces can be fit inside the box and assembled after. The design is scaled so that 362mm is the 152mm (6”).

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